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Client: Wartsila NSD Diesel Div.
Project: Decentralized Power 
Client: Corporate Resource Group
Project: Capabilities/Services 
Client: CitiFinancial Retail Services
Project: Private Label Credit Cards
Client: Virginia Heritage Bank
Project: Banking Services
Client: Corning Scientific Products
Project: Serological Pipets
Client: Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation
Project: Annual Report
Client: Baltimore Spice Co.
Project: Proprietary flavorings
Client: Wm. Hooper & Associates
Project: Capabilities/Services
Client: National Association os Secondary School Principals
Project: Recruitment
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Brochure/Collateral Design
The corporate or product brochure is still an essential element in the marketing arsenal. Your brochure tells a story… it’s critical that the reader is drawn into your story through compelling content and arresting design. It's likely, you have to read it… make sure your customer wants to read it. Company b can help you master the art of story telling.

Remember, the last thing you want to be is boring.